The Tuscan Child

by Rhys Bowen
In a mood for some light reading, I started surfing the Kindle Store. I came across some titles by Rhys Bowen. After checking out the synopsis and rating on goodreads I purchased ‘The Tuscan Child‘.

The book opens in 1944 where Hugo Langley, a British bomber pilot, parachutes out of a bombed plane into German occupied Tuscany. Badly wounded he is found and helped by a village belle Sofia Bartoli.

A parallel story tells the tale of Joanna Langley, Hugo’s estranged daughter who returns home after his death. Amongst the possessions of her father she finds an unopened letter addressed to Sofia. Surprised by the contents of the letter and to heal her emotional wounds Joanna decides to travel to Tuscany to find out the truth about her father and Sofia.

The book shuffles beautifully between the two story lines as they move together towards the climax and the mysterious end to Sofia and Hugo’s relation. Joanna’s part after she reaches the remote town of San Salvatore in Tuscany becomes much more engrossing. The vivid descriptions of Tuscany countryside and Italian food is delightful and frankly mouth-watering!

It is world war/historical fiction. The books keeps you hooked right till the end. Its something you can take on a vacation or read on a beach.

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