Twenties girl

by Sophie Kinsella

Lara Lington is a twenty seven year old girl who is struggling in her personal and professional life. Dumped by her boyfriend, Josh, who she thinks is her soulmate, and hence still hung up on. Her best friend and partner in her head hunting agency has left both of them for an indefinite vacation, leaving her to deal with the struggling firm alone.

On top of that at the funeral of her Great Aunt Sadie she begins to be haunted by the 23-year old ghost of Sadie, who demands that Lara stops her funeral unless they find the dragonfly necklace of hers, then and there! At the persistence of the ghost, Lara is forced to stop the funeral in front of her entire family who are already concerned about her life decisions.

As Lara helps Sadie search for the necklace, the story follows a hilarity of banter, conversations, situations, in which Lara finds herself owing to the demands and tantrums of a stubborn and bossy ghost!!

The sweet love-hate relationship of Lara and Sadie is endearing. It is a funny, warm and engaging story about two girls who find their salvation in each other, help each other through their heart aches and come out happier at the other end.

My favorite character is definitely Sadie. She’s bossy in a funny way, smart, confident, and livelier than any living person:)

Definitely a must read for romance and chick-lit fans!

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